About Republic of Turkey

Located at the intersection point of Central Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe, Turkey reaches to the boundaries of the European Union on one hand, Iraq and Russia on the other hand, while opening out to the entire world through the Mediterranean and Black Sea.

Turkey, with her young population of 80 million and GDP of 820 billion USD is the 17th biggest economic power in the world.  Turkey with its dynamic market successfully integrated into the global economy Turkey is an ‘economy of production’, intending to achieve economic growth by relying on her entrepreneurial power and human resources. Another significant characteristic of the Turkish economy is its ability to perform such activities while being a member of Customs Union and World Trade Organization, i.e. in a competitive market without any protective measures.

Turkey has also signed Trade and Economic Cooperation Agreements with 38 African countries, in line with our efforts to establish a sound contractual basis for the mutual economic relations.

Turkish contractors are amongst the major undertakers in the continent. Share of African countries in the overall international business volume of Turkish contractors is around 21 percent (share of North Africa is 19%). Turkish contractors so far have undertaken in Africa over 1.150 projects which worth 55 billion USD.

Turkey’s bilateral trade volume with Africa has reached 17,5 billion USD in 2015.